Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Timeless Classic

                                Fairy tales can come true.  It can happen to you,
                                if your young at heart.  For as rich as you are it's
                                       much better by far to be young at heart.

     There is a fountain of youth and this lovely lady knows exactly where it is, though she will not disclose this information.  My grandmother (Baby Dorothy's namesake) is turning eighty seven today, yet she is consistently pegged at twenty years younger, like, by doctors. Recently, my mother was ranting about how well preserved her mother is, both physically and mentally.  Mom said, "I mean really, Mom, most people your age...".  I don't know what my mother was going to say because Grandma cut her off with, "...are dead".  We were all too busy laughing at Gram's dark little joke to really care what Mom was going to fill in that blank with, besides we don't need to hear it.  We know our Queen Mother is extraordinary!

     I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my Grandmother so far, be it bashing around NYC, watching the cabs go by in the middle of the night from the bathroom window of our hotel room, styling her hair for countless hours while she sat patiently, listening to romantic stories about when she and Grandpa met, listening to hysterical tales from when she was raising her two sons and two daughters (and rabbits and goats and chickens), running errands and stopping off for a bit of Burger King,  infiltrating the local community theaters, sneaking over to her house to watch Whoopie, gathering around her kitchen table to read goofy columns from the local paper, going for walks (which we both agreed to discontinue because my kids are not good walking companions), asking her to prep the Thanksgiving turkey for me because that whole process grosses me out and I don't even want to know how to do it then looking out of my kitchen window only to see her strolling up the sidewalk (we were neighbors when I lived in The Jones Family Home #1) pushing Tom Turkey in a WHEELBARROW, or being able to call her on a cold, dreary October day and trying to thank her for all of this and  much more by saying, "Uh, Gram, I named the baby...It's a name you might recognize.  I've decided to call her Dorothy".

   So THREE CHEERS for Grandma Dorothy on her birthday and thank goodness one of my best friends is immortal and sure to see MANY MORE!  xoxoxo

P.S.  That picture is more recent than 2007, my sister Alyssa just never programmed her camera.

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