Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Murphy's Laundry

     Mother's Day was this weekend.  The people who call me Mom made the day special for me in lots of ways.  The big kids missed school on Friday because their hack of a mother couldn't wake up to send them (in my defense, I'd had almost no sleep for two days because the baby had a cold AND Clara had a cold of her own) so they were without their Mother's Day Macaroni Necklaces or what ever darling creation they had worked on with their teachers.
      Clara woke up bright and early and wrote and illustrated an acrostic poem for me. (shown above)  Please note that Fluffy the cat is shown in this drawing...I guess Clara didn't understand what happened last month after all!  Aston was all fired up about the special day and was asking a million questions about the state of our house.  Was it sparkly?  Were there hearts on the walls?  Apparently they celebrate Mother's Day a little different on Go Diego, Go than we do here.  Ariel helped the kids present me with new plants for the garden.  I have no talent as a gardener, but love gardening anyway.  Most importantly, the children all posed for a picture for me without making zombie eyes or rabbit ears or any other dumb photo poses.

The People who call me Mom


     We spent our afternoon visiting with my family at my mother's house.  We had a lovely barbecue and a bit of a plant swap.  It was a nice time, although we managed to lose one of Aston's shoes and Clara ended up having an uncontrollable tantrum and Dorothy was fussing over a new tooth and Enzo might not be speaking to my stepfather anymore.  Oh well.  You can't win 'em all.
My mother, me, and my sister Alyssa's finger tip

     Upon returning home I noticed one of my housewifeing fantasies had been fulfilled.  I spied a clothes line in my back yard.  If you ever find the repetitiveness of life getting to you, do your chores a new way.  I was SO excited to do laundry the next day!   I was actually happy Dorothy peed on my bed during a diaper change so I would have an excuse to sleep in sheets that smelled like sunshine that night.    I was able to fit two loads of laundry on the line. I sat at my picnic table holding Dot watching my laundry blow in the breeze.       Then the sky went dark.  A storm was rolling in.  As I write this we are on day two of rain and I hear it won't stop for at least one more.  My bed sheets are speckled with mud and today's laundry is tossing merrily about in my electric dryer.  Like all of my other failed dreams, I'm not giving up on the clothes line just yet.  It has to stop raining someday.
My laundry
on my brand new clothes line
in the pouring rain


  1. I love sheets on the line too! Was so excited to have a clothesline, it's the little things ya know? Lol!

    1. I'm still waiting for my line dried sheets (day 3). It stopped raining for a moment. I'm going to pull them down to rewash them. Even with my low housekeeping standards they are too muddy!!!