Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

    After years of trying I have finally caught the elusive Kohl's clearance sale!  I was sitting in my family room having a nice cup of Celestial Seasonings' Mixed Berry Zinger Tea (MmmMmm) with my sister Alyssa.  We were watching the rain trickle down the windows and chatting merrily about all of the weddings we have coming up between us.  This train of thought stopped at Wardrobe Station.  We discussed how I really hoped to be thin enough to fit into this pink number I bought ages ago but have never worn because I've been pregnant for the last decade, how the boys can't possibly get away with wearing gym pants to a wedding, how Dorothy only owns one dress which probably won't fit her come July, and how Alyssa doesn't think Mike's dirty work boots will work with dress slacks.  I mentioned how a nice Easter clearance would solve all my problems, just like one did the year Clara turned three and refused to wear anything but the fluffiest of dresses.

     Alyssa asked what time it was. 11:00am.  Before I knew what was happening we had Dorothy, Aston, and Phoenix buckled into the van and we were on our way to Kohl's.  This probably sounds like a normal day to most people but it is unexpected and exciting  for my sister and me.  Alyssa and I very rarely go shopping.  We dress the kids in mostly second hand clothes and shop only if an unexpected growth spurt surpasses our hand me down supplies and renders one of the children naked.

   Well, we picked the perfect day for a break from that routine.  There were glorious signs as far as the eye could see boasting 50% and 60&70% off.  There were three dollar dresses, six dollar sandals, and five dollar winter coats, just to name a few of the mouth watering deals.  Dorothy now owns NINE adorable dresses ranging in size from 18 months to 2T and Enzo has a new pair of snow pants that will cover the entire length of his legs this winter all for...drum roll, please...$47.40.  Just think, if I had stayed home today I never would have saved $218.60!!! Little Phoenix and I also smell like Elizabeth Taylor's Violet Eyes as an added bonus thanks to a leisurely stroll through the jewelry and cosmetics section.  I still have to do something about the boys' sweatpants dilemma but all in all, it was a very successful day.    Hip Hip Hooray!



  1. Dear Girls,

    Thanks for inviting me for the shopping trip...Ooops I forgot I work during the day!! Are there any $5 BOY THAT WOULD SURE LOOK GREAT ON MOM WINTER COATS left?
    Love, Mom xoxo

    1. We didn't even make it to the women's department (go figure) and I think you'd look a little ridiculous in a short black and blue plaid puffy coat BUT if you really want it I can go back and get it today.

    2. I'v worn worse...clearence racks are my downfall,next to free piles of course!!