Wednesday, May 2, 2012


     Enzo has been working on a science fair project for weeks now.  He is working on the relationship between the shape of a paper airplane and the distance it flies (very important stuff).  With hypothesis, research, theory, and planning behind him, tonight was the big night when he conducted the actual experiment.  He and I went out to the yard to find the perfect place to launch the seven red paper airplanes we made.  He stuck a stick in the ground to mark the launch point.  He set a notebook on a lawn chair to record his data.  Curiosity got the better of Clara and she joined us.  It was a good thing she did because I was in charge of the video camera and Enzo needed help with the tape measure.  Things were going well when Aston must have spotted us out of a window.  He soon joined our team of researchers.  Aston added his personal flair to the video, begging Enzo to give him a turn with the airplanes, crying when Enzo and I explained that he had to wait, and finally turning his back to the camera for a bit then spinning around and announcing "I PEED!".  Yes, he was in frame while peeing, centered actually.  I wonder if there is a science fair prize for "Most original video".  Enzo would certainly walk away with that blue ribbon.

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