Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Seasonal Jones

     The Joneses would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to Uncle Marley!  Though not a Jones by name he is a Jones in spirit, some genetics, and address while on break from college.  Everyone is glad to have him back under our roof for the summer.  Aston has not stopped harassing him about playing Legos, action figures, and video games all day long.  Enzo and Clara feel comfortable having as much of the family together as possible...they would have loved a longhouse.  Ariel, of course, enjoys having his brother with him and delights in an extra set of hands.  Day one, they are already staining our house.  As for me, I don't wish to exploit Manny, uh, I mean Marley.  After all he is here to enjoy his summer vacation.  I can't complain, however, about having someone else to ease the "building multicolored castles" burden among us!  Welcome Home Marley!!!

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