Monday, September 28, 2015

Of All The Things I've Ever Made...

 Clara's eyes are by far the best.  My masterpiece!

Garden Fresh

Dorothy, enjoying the tomato she grew!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Political Par-tay

Scene opens in small dining room with husband and wife seated at table discussing upcoming election.  ENTER thirteen year old son.

MOM:  Oh, good.  Enzo was asking me about Hillary Clinton.  Maybe you could tell him something, Air.

Father and Son engage in discussion.  ENTER eleven year old daughter.

CLARA:  Hey! In Twenty Twenty Kanye West is running for president.  He just announced it.  Can we pleeeeeeeeease vote for him?

MOM and DAD:  NO!

CLARA:  But....what?????   Why not?

DAD:  Sweetie, just because someone can lay fresh beats it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a good world leader.

CLARA:  Um, excuuuuuuuse me.  If you heard his song Gold Digger  you'd change your mind!

Parents jaws drop.  Scene ends in silence.

Scene opens with ENZO, in living room, trying to remember a date

ENZO: Ummm, Errrrr.  Twenty Twenty.  Wait no...

MOM: Well, do you know what Twenty Twenty is?


MOM:  I was going to say, "The year Enzo graduates from high school, but thank you, Clara.  I almost forgot.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

All about SUMMER By Aston "Eeyore" Jones, second grader (Italics by his mother, Mrs. Jones)

My Favorite Water Activity Was....

I bib not swim

BS.  I took him swimming once in our neighbor's pool.  He also played in a wading pool at his abuela's house and spent weeks involved in a heated water balloon war with Clara.

I Loved This Summer Because....

no school

This Summer I Made....


He was very proud of himself in August, on my birthday, when he made me heart shaped notes.

My Favorite Summer Treat....


I Traveled to....