Saturday, May 5, 2012

Work Smarter not Harder

    Allow me to introduce The Jones Family Lawn Chairs.  Their age is unknown because The Jones Family didn't actually purchase them.  These chairs were left on the front porch of The Jones Family Home (#2) by the previous owners. They have been with us for about eight years.  In those eight years I may have gone out in my green "bleaching shorts" and attacked them with bleach and a scrub brush once or twice (or vinegar, water, and baking soda if I was in one of my hippie cleaning modes) with unimpressive results, basically wasting a day.  But for most of their time with us, these lil' plastic beauties have been left to their own devices. I guess that's why they looked like property of the Loch Ness Monster.  Ariel was about to take these repulsive seats to the dump this weekend when the wheels in his head started turning.  Maybe, just maybe there was life left in our sad, adopted chairs.  He drew out his trusty pressure washer and opened fire on one of the chairs (the one shown on the left...obviously).  The procedure was over in moments, used only H20-no chemicals- and totally resurrected the hideous chair.  It was one of those why didn't we do this SOONER??? moments.

     Now I am convinced that no household should be without a pressure washer.  We have two weddings coming up in our family this year and I'm thinking young Mr. and Mrs. Cole and Mr. and Mrs. Ballauer might need pressure washers of their own to set up house keeping.  Pressure washers should be the gift of the future! Spread the good word!!!

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