Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunrise Sunset

     I was putting Enzo's blankets back on his bed after washing them but the baby started crying so I was only able to get to his sheets.  I asked Enzo to put his comforter and stuffed animals back on his bed before he went to sleep.  In the morning the comforter and stuffies were still on his floor.  I asked him to put his bed back together before school.  Enzo disappeared from the living room and returned almost instantly.  "Enzo, I asked you to make your bed and put your stuffed animals back on it!" I said.

     "I put my blanket on" Enzo said.  Then he made this sort of face.  He kind of glanced sideways maybe looking away from me.  It was really quick, but I understood everything.

     "Enzo," I said, and continued slowly,"Are you all done with your stuffed animals?  Do you want to get rid of them?  Are you...are you too old for them"

     Two quick nods of the head.

     I felt surprised, but not really.  I knew this was coming.  I went to his room to scoop up the pile and I lost it.  Tickle Bunny was staring up at me from the jumble, not really aware of what was going on.  Monkey was in there holding hands with Big Brother Bear waiting for their next Enzo adventure.  I spied the tail of the tiger and was transported back in time ten years.  Ariel and I were walking by KB Toys and he grabbed my hand and led me through the door.  I was wondering what in the world he could possibly need in here, a video game maybe or a remote control car, he had been talking about getting one for a while...but no, he brought me to a sea of cuddly stuffed animals and studied it for a while before fishing out an adorable tiger.  He looked pleased with his catch then said to me, "For the baby".  It was the first time he had acknowledged that we were having a baby other than the time he told me I had to pay off my credit card before I stopped working (which was really more him acknowledging that I was quitting my job than that I was having his baby).  Looking at Enzo's pals on the floor... it seemed like more than I could handle.

     I found a tolerable way to complete my awful chore.  Webkinz went on Clara's bed, Darth Vader, Wolverine, and Spiderman went in Aston's toy box, the teddybear and cow from my baby shower and assorted other cuties went in the crib.  I have granted myself a stay of execution but I have been warned.  The day will come for all of my polyfilled children to take their final curtain and more importantly, all of my real children are going to grow up.


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