Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bug Race

Aston and his favorite game
-because he always wins-
     Aston and I were passing some time with a few rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-O recently when I decided it was a good idea to win the game when I spun a four rather than just putting one cherry in my basket so Aston could win.  I am reluctantly sending Aston to kindergarten in the fall and I need to work on his Bug Race behavior before I turn him over to some poor unsuspecting teacher.

     For those of you that haven't spent a ton of time sitting around with my husband when he is in story telling mode I will explain why we call Aston "Bug Race Jr.".

     Once upon a time there was a little four year old boy named Ariel.  Ariel was the only child of Miss Lari.  One day Miss Lari's friend Joe sat with her "Little Angel" Ariel while she was out.  The fellas decided to play Ariel's favorite game Bug Race to entertain themselves until Miss Lari returned.  Joe and Little Ariel set up Bug Race on the coffee table and took turns moving their bugs across the board.  Luck smiled on Joe that day and he won the game.  Little Ariel wasn't pleased with this turn of events and expressed his disappointment by throwing the coffee table, game and all, across the room.
Miss Lari and Little Ariel

     My friends, be careful who you name your children after.  My little Aston Ariel Jones is a horrific sport.  I ended up winning that round of Hi Ho Cherry-O and even though Aston had JUST won the previous round he made a move to pick up the game and hurl it at me.  I think I will just send Aston in to his first day of kindergarten with a sympathy card for his new teacher.  I feel confident it will come in handy.

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