Thursday, June 14, 2012


     Clara woke up this morning and said, "Mom, can you tell me when it is Flag Day?"

     "Sure Pumpkin, I won't let you miss it".

     Fast forward a few hours to when I'm on Facebook scrollin' down my news feed and notice there seems to be an odd explosion of American flag pictures on there.  I'm a little suspicious but not completely convinced I've dropped the ball until I get to Henry's status where I see in black and white that Flag Day is June 14th.  I move my mouse down to the bottom right corner of the screen and let it hover over the time until the date pops up.  June 14th.

     To quote the wise words of Swiper the Fox, "Ohhhhh Maaaannnnnn".

1 comment:

  1. did she specify in what country. perhaps it's not yet flag day in bangledesh OR RUN OUT AND BUY A FLAG CAKE AT PRICE CHOPPER>>>QUICK!!xo