Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Miracles

     Parents of disabled children have been blessed with a different set of eyes to view their child through.  Normal milestones and average behavior are reasons to celebrate when your kid has a handicap.  When Enzo was two and the specialist warned me not to be surprised if Enzo never developed speech, that was actually my ticket to party every time he is rambling on and I want to say things like, "Is there a point to this story?" and "Will you shut up already?"   When parents of the other kids on Enzo's baseball team are worried about their child's batting average I'm over the top that Enzo has never bit a teammate and stopped self stimming in the outfield.  When people are stressing over report cards I'm pleased I was able to get Enzo to leave the house so many times.  If Enzo eats a new food I begin to see the possibility in Hell freezing over.  You get the idea.

     Here is an Autism Fun Fact for you, to help you understand how amazing Enzo was this afternoon.  People with autism can have a difficult time understanding facial expressions.  Today when Enzo was helping me load groceries onto the conveyor belt at the store he said to me, "Mom, something really funny that happened to me today at baseball in the bathroom..." and my eyes bulged out and my jaw dropped and I thought, as I glanced back at the long line of people behind me who appeared to be hanging on every word, Not now Buddy, dear Lord, this can't be good please don't say it, and he looked at me and said, "Maybe later Mom", I was beyond relieved.  The feeling was an indescribable bliss.

     So, since my boy used such amazing discreteness after recognizing the look of horror on his mother's face, I am going to share with you all, on the world wide web, the funny thing that happened in the bathroom at baseball this afternoon as told to me (in the safety of our kitchen) by Enzo himself.

     I was in the bathroom peeing and I had my water bottle with me so I started to drink out of it as I peed...  I was like a fountain Mom.  There was water going in me just as fast as it was coming out of me.  It was HILARIOUS! ~Enzo D. Jones age 9

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