Sunday, June 24, 2012


     Last week our town's little movie theater was showing Madagascar 3.  This winter Ariel and the children worked hard at beating Super Mario Brothers 2, 3, Lost Worlds, Wii, and the original. Each night at bed time I read the children a little of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a.k.a Year Five.  We started with Year One last year and have been reading them in order taking breaks occasionally to read all three of the Mouse and the Motorcycle books and a couple Poison Apple books.  Netflix organizes the cartoons into numbered seasons and the kids' new favorite movie is Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 Chipwrecked.  All this considered it shouldn't have taken me by surprise when Aston woke up on Saturday, the day after school let out for summer recess, and said, "Good morning Mom.  It's Summer Vacation 2!" and following up Sunday morning with, "It's Summer Vacation 3!".  I don't think he knows how to count above twenty.  We'll see how long this keeps up.

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