Monday, April 30, 2012


                                                     Fluffy Beatrice Jones

     Fluffy Beatrice Jones passed away suddenly in the middle of White Mills Road on Monday, April 30, 2012.  Fluffy was the biological kitten of Ralphie and Cow Cat.  She was born in Savanna, Troy, and Phoenix's closet and was chosen by Clara to be a member of the Jones family.  As a pet she was generally unspectacular, keeping late hours, clawing the leather sofa, leaving dead chipmunks in the flowerbeds, and ignoring the children.  She was, however,  the occasional playmate of Clara.  She is survived by her husband, Big Gray Kitten.  Viewing hours are from now until Ariel gets home from  work and cleans her up off the side of the road.  In lieu of flowers please educate your fellow man on proper "I just ran over your cat" etiquette.  It is never a good idea to ask a mother and her four children, "Do you have a calico kitty?" and when they reply in the positive to announce, "Well ya' don't now".  

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