Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little League

     It is spring time.  Spring means little children everywhere are putting down their Wii remotes and picking up their baseball bats while heading to the Little League field and our children are no exception.

     Enzo's fourth opening day went just smashingly.  He hit a few, caught a few, and, most importantly, remembered that a baseball player remains in an upright, standing position for the entire game.  In previous years, from the right angle, he appeared to be an independent arm capped with a baseball mitt extending from the earth in the outfield.

     Now Aston, for Aston opening day of his first T-ball season was the grand finale of an action packed week.  It began last Saturday when he met his T-ball team and collected his official cap and T shirt (which he wore every day this week).  

     Midweek he attended a kindergarten screening that he was so taken with he begged me to just leave him at the elementary school. 

     The next day he was still wanting kindergarten so I dragged him to Family Resources, a playgroup for toddlers and preschoolers in our town.  Aston's words on the subject of playgroup were, "I loved it but I hated it there because of the boy who hated me and hit me and threw balls at me".  I explained to Aston that the boy didn't hate him, he was just really excited.  Aston immediately edited his words to, "I loved it but I hated it there because of the boy who loved me and hit me and threw balls at me". O.K. Whatever.

     Then came grocery shopping day, Aston's favorite.  He managed to get the entire check out area cracking up when during a twenty minute stream of constant, breathless chatter, he absolutely screamed out, "Hey Mom. Mom.  Mom there is a black guy on the floor and he is moving but it is o.k. Mom 'cause he is uhspossed to be moving".  The "black guy" in question was an ant.

     Every day this week Aston told me he was going to be a baseball player when he grows up.  So when opening day arrived I wasn't surprised when he was just shaking with excitement.  After years of watching his brother play and a week of wearing the same T shirt day in and day out it was finally time for Aston Jones to take his place on the ball field.  He skipped merrily on to the bright grassy field and stood opposite a coach who tossed him the ball.  The ball rolled past Aston and he proceeded to throw back his head, bawl uncontrollably, storm off the field, and inform me, in between sobs, that he HATES baseball.  I managed to get him back on the field but that was probably a mistake on my part because he missed every ball that came his way and  threw his hat and glove at whichever  poor kid managed to catch the stupid thing.  He finally just refused to go back on the field and could only be cheered up with a pack of Big League Chew. 
                       And that brings us  to the best and probably most important part of today:
                                      Enzo and Clara learned how to blow bubblegum bubbles!

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