Monday, April 8, 2013

Shave and a Haircut

     Enzo has never enjoyed having his hair cut.  He's looked like a lost member of Spinal Tap for most of his life.  My feelings on this are along the lines of; it is his head let it look how he wants it to.  Only twice have
I wondered if this was the best approach.  Once was over the summer when I was surprised to see Enzo climb up the ladder in the deep end of the swimming pool and reveal a magenta bikini.  I soon realized that for the last hour I had been dutifully supervising some girl I did not know and actually had no idea where my son  was.  The second time was just last night when Ariel was all set to leave Enzo behind at the restaurant we had eaten dinner in because he assumed his first born son was the little Chinese woman who worked there when he glanced at the boy.  Perhaps it is time to try to sway Enzo's hairstyle choices before we end up losing the kid.

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