Saturday, April 6, 2013

Never Bring Your Children Shopping With You

     As a rule I do my grocery shopping when my children are in school or when their father is home to watch them.  Children and retail do not mix.  There is no shopping cart big enough for what your children want and if you, like me, you have a predetermined weekly grocery budget, you will find yourself dropping a few pounds during the week you only had enough money for a Lego Star Wars Battle Pack, Super Mario Karts 104, puffy paints, rainbow socks, three birdhouse kits, assorted Webkinz, miniature pink cowboy boots, gel pens, light up propellers, the entire Nerf line, and four ring pops.
     Unfortunately, there are times when the public school shuts its doors to the children at the same time my baby daddy is swamped with work and our cabinets have tumble weed rolling through them.  Yesterday was    a triple fail such as this here at Casa de Jones.  Yesterday taught me that there is yet another reason not to bring your children shopping with you.  Time together in the car driving to the store can present a problem.  Without the distraction of television, toys, bikes, and swing sets, conversations happen that maybe shouldn't.
     During our twenty minute drive Aston had time to reflect on a memory of his.  "Mom," he said, "I remember when Dorothy was in your belly and you were so fat".
     And Enzo had time to observe, " never quite got over that, did ya Ma?"
     There is no good reason to bring your children shopping with you.

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