Friday, July 6, 2012

Operation Blue Goggles

     While on our way to an afternoon of swimming Aston requested a new pair of goggles as his were the victim of a tragic Monkey in the Middle incident.  I really wanted to encourage Aston's new found bravery in the pool but I really didn't want to unload the troops an extra time for one little pair of goggles.  BING! This is the sounds of a bell ringing as a light bulb appears over my head.  Enzo has probably been to the Family Dollar a billion times in his decade on this planet.  I could just give him five bucks and send him in to the store to fetch the goggles.  So I asked Enzo if he was up to the task and, what do you know, he was excited to do it!  This is a rare, triple win situation.  Aston would get his goggles and maintain an unbroken swimming learning curve. I would be subjected to minimal unbuckling and buckling of seat belts.  Enzo would have a giant leap toward independence under his belt.  POP!  This is the sound of the light bulb disappearing from above my head. This particular POP occurred at the same time my right turn signal was going CHHT CHHT and Enzo was saying, "Mom, is it o.k. to put squirrels in your pants...if it is for gambling purposes?"

     I completed the right turn, then the following left.  I found a parking space and turned off my engine before I spoke.  "Enzo, maybe I'd better go and look for the goggles".

Enzo in our only pair of non leaky goggles
     Enzo's disappointment was clear so I told myself there was no opportunity for gambling in the twenty feet from the car to the store and let him go.  As it turned out there were only very leaky Marvel Super Hero goggles inside so Enzo decided not to waste our money by making that purchase.  What a big boy.

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