Sunday, July 29, 2012

All Because Two Nerds Fell in Love

Enzo is opening  the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Wii game
the Witherells gave him for his tenth birthday. 

     Today is a rainy day and Enzo is passing his time playing his new Pirates video game.  He has almost conquered the entire game in the week he has owned it (he might have been passing a few sunny hours playing the game as well).  He just complained to me that he really wants to add Davey Jones to his cast of characters but he needs five thousand coins to get him.  This seems an impossible amount to my young son.  Reluctant to encourage anything that has to do with that blasted video game system but concerned that my boy is becoming too lazy for even video games I murmur, "I bet you can do it".

     A look of complete joy crosses Enzo's face and he enthusiastically says, "Well then, I'd better get crackin'!"  There was a moment's pause before we both started laughing.

     My mother always told me there are different kinds of humor for different kinds of people.  She would say this whenever one of us kids would use bodily function humor, reminding us it was the lowest form of humor and reserved for the simplest of people.  I thought about this as my son and I wiped laughter tears from our eyes.  A joke that plays on words concerning mythical sea creatures must be reserved for nerds.  

     I never planned on bringing four nerds into this world but let's face it, when two nerds fall in love...  Well, it was just plain silly to expect anything else.

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