Monday, February 2, 2015

Speech Therapy

     Israel walks about making noise, lots and lots of noise.  Sometimes the noise is relevant to what is going on around him most of the time it is not.  I was sweeping the floor after lunch (a job that I could probably justify bringing our back hoe in the house for) when Enzo whined, "Maaahhh aaahhhm, Israel thinks I'm his faaah ther".  I huffed that that was ridiculous as I moved a chair away from the table.  Enzo and I have been in business together long enough that he knew I was mostly ignoring him and that he wasn't going to get anywhere with me so he went back in the living room.

     I moved on from sweeping to laundry and as I did I heard "Eh nn zoh", "Ahhh sssss ton" coming from the living room over and over again.  Eventually I heard triumphant, "MOM!  Israel said our names PERFECTLY"'s.

      When Enzo was little and receiving speech therapy through our county's Early Intervention program I sat with Enzo and Miss Kristin every time they met.  Miss Kristin was an educated professional speech pathologist.   In retrospect I realize I should have sat in on my sons' impromptu say my name session.  I left a one year old in the hands of a twelve year old and seven year old.  I'm pretty sure their methods were not tested, tried, or true.  Whatever they did, Israel has been punching me in the face while clearly enunciating, "Aston", ever since.

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  1. TONIGHT Aston got Israel to jab himself in the chest and say, "IZZY". He has the voice of a mosquito. IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!