Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

     You won't often catch me sharing recipes, not because I'm guarding valuable long lasting family secrets or because I'm planning to win my fortune entering recipe contests.  It is simply because I mostly make frozen pizza and if you don't know how to set your oven to four hundred and slide that baby in, there just isn't much I can do for you.  This week however, The Wee Jonesies seem to be feeling very creative in the kitchen so I'll pass along their culinary genius to you. 

     We'll begin with Clara's contribution, inspired by the spying of a bag of corn flour on the kitchen counter. "Is that corn flour?" she asked all excited.

     "Yeah" I suspiciously replied.

     "Just what I've been needing.  Do we have food coloring?"


     Mere moments later were the proud owners of two bags of Slime.

Corn flour
Food Coloring
Zip Lock Bag
Combine first three ingredients in bag
Shake until slime like
NOTE: Do not squeeze bag when standing on family room rug.

     Our next recipe comes to us from our youngest member, Dorothy.  Dorothy has spent this week enjoying this recipe day in and day out.  She keeps the ingredients at her seat so she can whip it up at a moments notice.  She calls it Wrrr Bee which I believe interpreted means Water Baby.

Wrr Bee
Green Power Ranger
Floral Print Pencil
Pour ingredients into your favorite character cup (Dora the Explorer cup shown)
Consume with straw. 

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