Friday, February 8, 2013

What's NOW In Fashion

In order to help you stay on top of current fashion trends we've enlisted the expertise of our top fashion gurus.  We are noticing a strong Western theme in today's fashion...
Cowboy (or in this case, cowbaby) hats are a must right now.  They can be worn to the train table OR
to the breakfast table!

Bandits everywhere will want to remember
bandannas covering your ENTIRE face are better for keeping dust at bay and disguising your identity than bandannas merely pulled up to your nose.

And this just in:
no matter where you stand on Obama's gun control, you can still rock a holster.  Simply add or omit firearm depending on your position.  Our model's cutting edge cosmetic technique can be achieved by eating the dirt from your favorite house plant.

Switching gears...
An entirely new, mature look is within your grasp if you remember two things...
Black construction paper and a straw.

For those of you looking for motivation to file your taxes on time,

pink sunglasses make everything more fun.

Don't forget the most important accessory no fashionista should be without
night vision goggles (they go with absolutely everything).

Right now, people are looking for fashion with a meaning.  Conveying a message is important today.
Our model's kitty cat hat combined with wings and binoculars say, "I'm flexible.  I can just as easily fly like a bird as watch them or hunt them down and eat them".

Before we depart, bathing suit season is close enough to consider, we would like to leave you inside information on the hottest Hollywood diet of today!
A cold stick of butter harvested straight from the refrigerator door while your mother is distracted with sandwich fixings.

There you go.

Be beautiful!

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