Monday, February 4, 2013

Home Spa

Dorothy was carrying around a jar of baby food this afternoon.  Ariel, who has recently been bitten by a decluttering bug, asked me if we were done with baby food and could we get rid of the leftover jars.  "Nah.  Dot still uses them", I told him.  I then helped her open the jar she had in her hand.  She independently spooned one heap into her mouth and every following spoonful on to the top of her head.  She gently massaged it in.  You may be wondering just what I was doing when this was going down and why I wasn't stopping her.  I have two reasons. 
1) I have been accused of stunting Enzo's early development by smothering him and not allowing him to make mistakes.


2) At the time of the incident I was experiencing a comfortable numbness induced by the hydrocodone I was taking because of my oral surgery earlier that day.

I did, however, think to grab my camera so I could share this very Jonesie moment with you.

Dorothy still "uses" her baby food.

Rear View
She was careful not to miss a spot.

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