Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Ready

     Dorothy and I had to run errands today.  I have a hard time running errands that involve me taking the baby out of her car seat more than once, and this particular day's errands involved two stops.  I only agreed to do it because I essentially contribute nothing to our household so when Air asks a favor of me I try to accommodate him.

     I hopped in the shower at the crack of noon, realizing that I'd have to take all of the kids with me if I didn't get on it.  After Dorothy and I were dressed I cooed to her that it was time to put her shoes on.  She ran away from me.  I assumed she was hiding from me.  Ugh, why can't Ariel just let me hold down the sofa.    Be the hermit I was meant to be?  Why do I have to go out with children?  Why do I have to spend my life chasing babies?  While I reflected on the unfair hand life dealt me, Dorothy came back with a pair of shiny black sling back five inch pumps in her hands.  SHOES!  I have to admire the girl for thinking they were a good choice to visit the ladies at Bank of America and First Niagara and felt a little bad as I buckled her Mary Janes for her.

     Fifteen months old!  Fifteen years old should be interesting!  

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