Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sooo Not Where I Was Going!

 I was helping Baby Dorothy walk outside to where her brothers and sister had set up a little pop up tent community.  It was a crisp and beautiful day disturbed only by the viscous snarls and harsh words my little darlings were hurling at each other.  "What is the matter?" I sighed, not really caring what their answer was because I could tell from across the lawn their answer would be of the He looked at me!!! variety.  I switched the settings of my brain to the one that allows me to take three simultaneous strands of whining, crying, growling, and grunting, separate them into three individual monologues and comprehend them.  After I had it all sorted out I explained that they are siblings, flesh and blood, and that is far more important than any material thing on this planet or any other.

     I knew not to expect my desired results to play out; hugging, apologies, wiping away each other's tears, professions of love, that sort of thing, so when the only response I received was Clara asking how their flesh was the same I wasn't blown away.  "You all came from the same two people so lots of the information in you is the same, even things you can't see.  Maybe you won't see that similar information unless one or all of you decides to have children of your own some day.  Like Enzo has Uncle Steven's chin and Aunt Janelle's feet.  When you look up one of your eyes goes left and one goes right.  Aunt Alyssa has those same crazy eyes.  Your teeth are just like her's too.  Someone in the family we've never even seen must have had blue eyes with a yellow ring around the pupil, like yours.  Your face is shaped like your father's father's..."

     Enzo interrupted me with, "Scott?"


     "How are we related to him?" Enzo asked in utter astonishment.  The kids and I have never met Scott.

     "He is your father's father.  Your grandfather"

     "Yeah but him and Yang were divorced before we were born".

     "Doesn't matter.  He is your dad's biological father so you're biologically related.  Anyway he and Yang were never married so they technically never divorced".

     "WHAT?  Then how did they have dad?  Did Scott, like, donate a piece of hair so they could use his DNA?"   The fact that last year he attended the wedding of my mother and the father of her fourteen and eight year old sons must have escaped him.

     "No Enzo, Scott wasn't a stranger.  He and Yang just didn't get married".

     "Am I old enough to know how it is possible for me to have both your's and Dad's DNA in me?"

     "Absolutely not.  But when you are you'll understand how Scott can be Daddy's dad".

     "What I really want to know is how they extracted Dad's DNA in the first place..."

     At this I turned and left to streaks of fire in the lawn as I ran from where I had been standing to the front door which I slammed behind me.  Not today, my friend.  Not today.    

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