Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moving Forward

     The only thing constant is change said somebody sometime.  That is one of those statements that will drive you nuts if you think about it too much.  This picture of Dorothy was taken two days ago as we changed to a new season (three cheers for fall!).  This picture was taken moments after Dorothy changed everything we know by taking her first two steps.  Now we are no longer the Jones family with a ten month old crawler.  We are the Joneses with a ten month old who is learning to walk.  It will never be the same again.  Why, it has already changed again.  Today Dorothy took FOUR steps.  Now we are the Joneses with a baby who has walked a couple of times, not just taken her first steps AND she'll be eleven months old in three days.  So many times since I have become a mother I have said, "I wish I could freeze time now", "No, NOW", "O.K., Really, NOW".  At this point in my life though I am finally able to calm down and stop trying to hoard moments.  (If only you could have known me during my Enzo's Baby Book days, what a lunatic!)  I've had enough greatest moments of my life to realize if one great moment passes, if my idea of perfection shifts and changes, it is just fine because another greatest moment ever is sure to come eventually with a new definition of complete bliss.  I first learned this lesson with clearance sales, spending loads of money on things I might want someday and definitely didn't have room for because I would never get a deal like that again, which turned out to be total b.s.; there is always cheap crap to be had... Anyway, I was able to apply the same thought process to my life and I am surprised to find myself enjoying it so much more as I let it happen and then slip away.

     This is much heavier than I like to get and I've given myself a headache, or maybe it is the gallon of bleach I just poured all over the bathroom because the toilet overflowed.  Now THAT is a moment I was excited to get behind me even as it was happening.

     Until next time, when things will be different from now...

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