Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Talk

     During Aston's nine month career as a big brother he has really focused his attention on communication both with and for his baby sister.  Sometimes he gets frustrated and says, "Mom, I can't understand her!  What does she want?"  Other times he confidently tells me Dorothy is hungry or tired or whatever, as if she has just relayed this information to him.  Of all the kids he is the only one who speaks to her as if she can understand. He treats her more like a sister than the bigger kids.  They treat her like a baby.  If I leave the room Aston calls after me, "I'll sit with Dorothy".  He does this because he is afraid of being alone and assumes she is too not because he thinks she needs caring for.  He nearly gave me a heart attack while sitting with her today.  I was going to the kitchen to get Aston some water and he and Dorothy were sitting at the dining room table together.  Aston screamed, "OH NO!  Mom come QUICK!"  All of the blood drained from my face as I imagined the horrible things that could have happened to Dorothy in the brief moment it took me to cross the threshold from the dining room to the kitchen.  I jumped back into the dining room and tried to figure out why the baby was sitting in her highchair smiling at me while Aston informed me, 'Dorothy just said,'dehydrated'".

     Thank you, Aston.

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